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I made a small vector graphic using inkscape, converted it to pdf. Then i opened the pdf in windows for printing purposes. Many of the lines and curves I made in inkscape were missing.

Then I tried the same graphics in coreldraw. Converted it to pdf. Then i opened the file in ubuntu. All lines and curves were there.

I want to use ubuntu for all my works. But this problem makes it difficult for me as I have to take the pdf to a printer who works only with windows.

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Which PDF viewers are you using when you "open" the pdf? – Martin Schröder Nov 4 '12 at 13:21

Rest assured that you absolutely can use Inkscape in a professional graphics workflow - now to fix your issues...

There are a load of potential explanations for your observations. Can you upload the .svg file so we can take a look?

Martin is right to question what pdf viewer you're using. I've had files rendered with glitches by Evince but the files have viewed and printed fine elsewhere.

A top reason would be the stroke style for the affected lines - are they dashed or using end markers? I've had issues with these not outputting reliably in the past.

I'd also try opening the .svg file in Scribus and outputting to pdf from there. You've got more output settings, can handle bleed and add printers' marks etc. Scribus opens svg files natively or you can 'Import Vector' into an existing Scribus document.

This is the version of Scribus I use to produce my print-ready artwork:

Install via the software center

or command line:

sudo apt-get install scribus-ng
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