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I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 11.01 to 12.04 using update manager, at almost the end of the upgrading process, I was prompted to keep or remove unnecessary files so I removed them. But now, when restarting the computer, it brings up a window with "GNU GRUB version 1.99-21ubuntu3.4" with four options to start like "Ubuntu, with LInux 3.0.0-26- generic" . . . but all of them do not start the computer and instead I have this

error: no such partitions.
error: no such partitions.
error: no such partitions.
Press any key to continue . . . 

When pressing any key, it just goes back to the first screen.

What I did try:

I tried to use Ubuntu live CD to start the computer didn't workout.But I used Slacko Puppy live CD and I was able to get in to my computer.

I tried Boot-repair live cd, but somehow my laptop is not booting from this particular CD

I have the feeling that, I probably messed up (removed GRUB files).

My question:

How do I fix this issue by using Slacko Puppy live CD since it somehow seems the only way my computer is responding to?

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