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I am very new to Ubuntu. I recently got a new laptop running Windows 7. I am using Virtual Box and just installed the Ubuntu 12.10 ISO as a new Virtual Machine within Virtual Box. Everything seemed to install just fine and I even added the Guest Additions under Devices.

The problem is that I cannot see the menus and my login information. The virtual machine says it is running; however, I do not have the Applications, Places, System, etc. tray to select from. Is there something I am supposed to do after logging in to get this? I entered my password and everything seemed fine, I just don't have those drop-down menus available...

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You probably need this question -… – jokerdino Nov 7 '12 at 9:13

Those menus have been phased out ever since the introduction of Unity (circa Ubuntu Netbook 10.10). You should see a launcher bar on the left. If for some reason it's hidden (or set to Autohide), strike the Super key to reveal it. If your Virtual Machine is not configured to capture the Super key, hover your mouse along the left side of the screen.

The top icon (with the Ubuntu logo) will, once clicked, reveal your Applications, Files, Places, etc in a new, [debatably] user-friendly manner.

If you miss the old style menus, you can always switch back to Gnome Classic.

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