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I can get 3 monitors, but not 4 monitors! Pretty cool, but a few issues.

I've got a Lenovo W530 and have 12.04. AWESOME. About 3x the performance of my old W500. The W530 supports a displayport splitter which allows two display port monitors to be plugged in to the W530 (plus the VGA and laptop screen). At first I had no luck getting the machine to recognize the displayport.

Recently, I installed disper from synaptic, and WOW, I could get a displayport, vga, and laptop monitor working. I did not install the disper indicator program.

However, I had the following issues:

  • After rebooting, the displayport monitor won't get recognized unless I unplug and re-plug the displayport cable. That's a pain.
  • I could not get the displayport splitter to be recognized. VGA plus displayport is my workaround.

Any advice?

I'm not sure if disper made a difference, as I only used it to do disper -l to list the displays, which is the same as doing the displays app.

I'd like to avoid anything complicated that might cause issues when taking regular updates.

Some other facts. * Bios set to only use discrete graphics * Using Nvidia Current (not updates) from Synaptic.

Nvidia Settings--X Server Display


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