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I deleted the partition which contains the Ubuntu 12.0.4 OS. I have Windows in another partition (dual boot). When I reboot the system, it shows me the following.

unknown filesystem.
grub rescue>

I read the previous questions about this topic and I tried to install Ubuntu again using USB flash drive but was unable to boot from this device. I do not have a the Ubuntu LiveCD.

What should I do now to boot from windows?

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Your answer is here. Your question is an exact duplicate of this one. – Lucio Nov 2 '12 at 18:08

Prepare a Fresh USB stick with Ubuntu live in it. use UnetBootin Software for it

Boot with that stick.

Install Boot Repair program from internet on to the pen-drive and run the program.

Run the Program and fix MBR record

Detailed Steps to use, here : Using Boot Repair

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