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I'm posting this question because I have the intention to update my Windows 7 (damaged installation) to Windows 8 but I don't know if this process may affect my Ubuntu 12.04 install. I have 220 GB dedicated to Windows, 65 GB to Ubuntu, a 10 GB Recovery and 1.5 GB swap partition.

And one final doubt: Is it recommended to update Ubuntu to 12.10? If the answer is yes, how can I guarantee a safety update?

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You can upgrade Windows from 7 to 8. I did it and it did not effect my Ubuntu Installation in any way.

If in-case you loose the Ubuntu boot option ( Grub is replaced with windows boot loader ), Then to fix this issue you will only need to Boot your computer with a live Ubuntu USB stick And run this command in the terminal


I would recommend you to update From 12.04 to 12.10 Cos of cool new features and much improved look, feel, speed and Performance. :)

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My answer is "No". Upgradation of Windows will not affect on your Ubuntu 12.04 , because you have installed on another partition. If you loose grub loader after installation of windows 8 , you can install it again. Check out my answer to restore it.

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Answer to 2nd question: Upgrading Ubuntu from 12.04 to 12.10 - doesn’t affect to another systems on computer, it is safely for other systems. I tried it with previous Ubuntu versions and with 12.10 too.

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