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I am not a geek or anything like that. I just got a Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC with no OS installed. I have been reading about ubuntu, and was wondering if it will work on the tablet and will all the functions be available. I know nothing about scripts and stuff like that. I downloaded UBUNTU and burned it on a disk. That is as far as I have gone. Need help! Thanks

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In general, Ubuntu and linux work very well on both old and new Thinkpads. In your case there seems to be nothing to lose to try it out.

By googling "X41" and "Ubuntu 12.04" I found this link. You'll see what kind of RAM you may need. If Ubuntu with the unity desktop environment is too much for your X41, there are many other desktop environments (XFCE, KDE, Gnome, etc) you can install once you have Ubuntu running.

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Well, just insert the CD. and after booting the CD click on "Try Ubuntu" this will let you try Ubuntu without installing it. This function is used to see if Ubuntu works on a PC, tablet, or laptop.

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