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I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 and Gnome-Shell 3.6.

Everything worked fine till the moment I've began to customize the main menu (apps wich appears in Dash and so on).

I don't know wether I've done something wrong or if there is a bug : suddenly, the Dash became empty. My favourite docks too, except the "Show apps" button. When I activate it, there is only an empty dash, no apps showed. The only way I can access an app is using the "Alt+F2" shortcut. I've tried to restart gnome-shell (Alt-F2 / r) but nothing has changed... A logout and a reboot have not changed ...

Do you know how to repair the gnome-shell ?

Thanks for your help...

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It's difficult to say without knowing what you mean by the 'dash' ('overview' maybe?) or how you tried to customize which apps appear (which programs you used, ...). – astex Nov 1 '12 at 20:42
Excuse me : I mean the overview... Gnome-Shell displays none apps in the overview. All my favourites disappear too. It seems to be a config problem: I've re-installed the OS, and the problem remains...Unity works well. – Ratoune2008 Nov 2 '12 at 0:10

Finally, I've discovered that the problem came from Alacarte (menus). I've found the solution in the Archlinux Forum, here. It seems that Alacarte creates a ~/.config/menus folder. When deleting this folder, Gnome-Shell recoveres its usual Apps overview and the customized Favourite Ones.

Thanks a lot for your interest and answers...

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I was facing the same with Gnome-shell on ubuntu 12.10. (with gnome2)

It used to work with "gnome" & "gnome classic (no effects)"

To make it work with "gnome classic" ((my preferred window manager), I had to follow below steps.

compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager Install via the software center

  1. sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
  2. On command line/alt+f2 enter ccsm (or open compizconfig-settings-manager from applications menu)
  3. On left side categories, select window management.
  4. Select your preferred window switcher. & Enable it.

I hope it helps someone. I had struggled for 2-3 hrs for it. :-)

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Thanks a lot Anishane ! I've not tried with ccsm... as i've finally found that Alacarte was the problem (see my answer above). I do hope your answer will help some others... – Ratoune2008 Nov 2 '12 at 22:39

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