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I'm just curious if anyone had the problem of not being able to see any menu's or Ubuntu related gui buttons in a rdp instance with remote desktop software.

I was able to drag icons onto the desktop and view them - but other than that, nothing is viewable. im using a Windows 7 remote desktop connecting to Ubuntu. Other than this issue everything else runs very smoothly.

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Which Ubuntu version do you relate to? – Mateng Nov 12 '12 at 18:18

You need x11rdp whose binary is not included by default.

Great job Kevin! Above link will allow you to compile from source.

I had the same issue, no menu or taskbar only the background and I tried ubuntu-2d and gnome-fallback. None of them worked. After installing x11rdp it worked like a charm.

After install, run your and in remote desktop from Windows choose sesman-X11rdp instead of sesman-vnc. 32-bit color works for me fine with ubuntu 12.04.

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