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I am new user to Samhain so don't know much about it except the fact why its used. Now I am finding my samhain-2.8.5 is consuming too much of CPU. Its almost eating up 2 cores and I cant find the reason. I tried little bit googling but it does not seems to help me when it comes to troubleshoot this problem.

In samhain logs all I could find is

MARK   :  [2012-11-01T14:58:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T14:59:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:00:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:01:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:02:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:03:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:04:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:05:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:06:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->
MARK   :  [2012-11-01T15:07:17-0400] msg=<---- TIMESTAMP ---->

Appreciate any input in this regard. The server is in production.

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Answering my own question. It was signing issue that lead to such a performance hit. Not sure weather newer versions have some means to inform end users.

What I suspect is the samhain binary and the samhainrc/samhain_file were not signed properly or with the same key and that made samhain go crazy eating whole CPU.

Other than this there is no other reason why in one installation (some other guy did) it works and and new installation (which I did) does not.

It might help in some cases, but not all. I resigned it but the issue reappear.

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