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This question hadn't been asked separately, so here it is.

In particular, is there any official repository that provides and https alternative to the defaults http official repositories?

share|improve this question is an official Ubuntu archive mirror, and supports https.

I have the following in my sources.list:

deb saucy main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src saucy main restricted universe multiverse

(Technically, is not on the official list, though and its siblings are. However, supports https but returns a certificate for the host which apt-get rejects. is clearly the same site, though it may not be your closest host.)

As pointed out, https is not necessary for authenticating the files downloaded, and is not very effective at hiding which files you download. My interest is because at my site, http downloads are much slower than https for some reason, even from the same remote host. I don't know why; maybe we have a transparent proxy that is slow or trying to scan for viruses or some such nonsense.

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