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This was the site from which i made changes

I have tried to install unity-reset,didn't help.When i log in,only the mouse functions showing only the desktop.Yet,i can still run my terminal through shortcuts. I have the live CD can i restore it to the original point ?? Thanks for your time.Hope to see an answer very soon.

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Wow. From what I know the trick mentioned in this article is not gaining any boot-up speed since few years. – Rafał Cieślak Nov 1 '12 at 7:33
boot speed did increase a lot.from what i learnt now i suspect it never loads the os itself. – therealnube Nov 1 '12 at 7:36
Oh, it's probably not loading Unity at all, even that will result in some boot-up boost. – Rafał Cieślak Nov 1 '12 at 10:07

Looks like that link just screws with your grub configuration... so reloading it with the live disk should 'theoretically' fix it if that is the problem.

See Ubuntu's guide for how to recover grub with the live disk, it's meant for being done after installing windows but basically does what you want in this case.

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