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Possible Duplicate:
How can I get notifications of new emails?

how do you setup email notifications with thunderbird, for when the main app isnt open? im trying to setup a way to get notifications of emails without having to have thunderbird open. would be nice to click the notification then thunderbird opens to read it. like a small background program running that checks for new emails every 5-10 minutes.

is there such a setting?

thanks for any help! Alex

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The sort of program you want is called a biff. There are many.… – user8290 Nov 1 '12 at 12:34

This is not possible. How should Thunderbird check for emails without being started?

you could install an extension which allows you to start Thunderbird minimized

such as this one

all you have to do now is to start Thunderbird with your System, autostart can be found at the gnome session properties, just hit alt + F2 and type in gnome-session-properties.

Click the Add button and just add Thunderbird to it.

Last but not least, how to check periodically? Simply go to the email account settings by

rightclick the E-Mail Account -> Settings -> Server Settings and check the option

[ x ] Check for new messages every ___ minutes

(p.s.: since i can't take screenshots right now i just highlighted it, i will add screenshots later)

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