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I'd like rtorrent to determine what country my peers are from. This should be possible using GeoIP, but the only patch I found covers its implementation in rtorrent version 0.8.9, instead of version 0.9.2 (used in Ubuntu 12.10).

How can I make rtorrent determine the peer's country by IP? Please note that I know that frontends like rutorrent can do this. But I want the GeoIP analysis to be in rtorrent itself.

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According to Author: rakshasa,

The project has been Bumped to version 0.9.3/0.13.3. and is available


both include Please use the "readme" text for proper installation and configuring

Last updated was 10-24-2012


As you stated "Please note that the GeoIP function is not a function that comes with rtorrent by default". That being said, your question at this time may not have an answer. It would appear more work would have to be done by a 'dev' or 'modded' to conform to your needs. Seems to be a localized issue, one rather, yours. I would purpose ask as a General Question or Ubuntu Specialised Support. Either way should get someone's attention. Good Luck

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True, but could you please specify how to get the GeoIP country analysis working? – Exeleration-G Nov 10 '12 at 15:12
all the information is in the user guide located here: including the "man" pages. If you are unable to get what you are looking for there? Here is the developer's e-mail {} I would suggest contacting him as opposed to getting LESS information here. The question is notable but more deserving "srackoverflow" or "superuser" may be more appropriate. – Ringtail Nov 10 '12 at 22:03
Please note that the GeoIP function is not a function that comes with rtorrent by default. So it's not really useful to refer me to the man pages or readme file. – Exeleration-G Nov 11 '12 at 13:14

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