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When I try to shutdown or restart my laptop it hangs at the point where it says "* will now halt" but never turns off. After some digging I have traced the root of the problem back to the wireless adapter. If I turn the wireless off before shutting down the system powers off correctly.

The wirless card is a broadcom BCM4313 and the system appears to be using the Broadcom STA wl driver. It currently has modules wl and bcma loaded but I have tried disabling both using "modprobe -r" and trying to use the other but the problem still occurs.

Can anybody advise me on what I can try next?

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I had the same problem and I resolved in this way:

  1. cd /etc/init.d
  2. sudo gedit killwlan
  3. paste into:

       modprobe -r wl 
       modprobe -r bcma 

    and save the file;

  4. cd /etc/rc0.d

  5. ln -sT /etc/init.d/killwlan S16killwlan
  6. cd /etc/rc6.d
  7. ln -sT /etc/init.d/killwlan S16killwlan
  8. cd /etc/init.d/
  9. sudo chmod 755 killwlan

In this way you stopped wifi kernel modules (that cause the halt of system) before shutdown procedure.

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