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Is it possible to disable Unity 3d in Ubuntu 12.10?

I had to use Unity 2d with Ubuntu 12.04 as Unity would constantly crash and restart. This problem persists in 12.10 with any driver I select in the panel, including the open source driver.

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Unity (Unity3d is actually a game engine) is the only UI shell in 12.10, which means, you need to install an alternative before removing it (don't think there ever was a way to disable). Press ctrl-alt-f1 to get a tty, login with your username and password, and install Gnome Classic with

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

To get back to the login screen, try running sudo service lightdm restart.

You should then be able to select Gnome Classic (no effects) as session from the login scren.

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I found another solution that works in my case. Deleting ~/.compiz/session before logging in stops Unity from crashing. This file gets recreated when logging out so you have to delete it before each login.

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