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I'm trying to give my image uploader some kind of rightclick->upload functionality. Currently I use the nautilus-scripts folder, but that puts the menu entry behind an unapparent "Scripts" item.

I've tried looking it up but I can only find people referencing nautilus scripts or Nautilus Actions (which isn't what I want for packaging).

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In my case, I needed to make a script for Meld to compare modifications to folders/files.

I'm running on UbuntuGNOME 14.04, with gnome-shell 3.10 and Nautilus (Files) 3.10.1.

And I've done like this:

  1. Open the folder ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/.
  2. (Optionally) Create a sub-folder to your script, which in my case was Meld/.
  3. Create your bash, perl or python script (see the sample at the end of answer).
  4. Make your script executable (right-click at script file > properties > permissions > mark the execute option)
  5. To make sure that Nautilus will apply the changes, I've restarted Nautilus, running nautilus -q; nautilus; in a terminal.

And now, you can right-click on any folder/file to see the context menu Scripts > my-script.

Sample: scripts/Meld/Compare_with_Meld


Predefined Nautilus variables:

    newline-delimited paths for selected files - only if local ( i.e. /home/user/someFile).
    newline-delimited URIs for selected files (i.e. file:///home/user/someFile).
    current location
    position and size of current window


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