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I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Dell inspiron 1525 which was previously running on windows 7. During booting, immediately after the purple screen, my screen flickers like crazy (kind of switching between the bootlogo screen and a text screen). Sometimes, I am able to reach the ubuntu desktop, sometimes I don't.

After this issue, I used a program called Xdiagnose and checked the options namely:

  • Disable bootloader graphics
  • Disable VESA framebuffer driver
  • Disable PAT memory

After that, the bootlogo screen was not appearing and instead a text based screen was appearing during next two startup. ( the text based screen used to have someting like this [[[B^[[[B^[[[B^[[[B^............. this runs for 3-4 lines )

Upon third startup, the screen flicker has resumed. This is the 3rd time I am reinstalling Ubuntu 12.10. I am an absolute beginner to linux. Step by step suggestions are welcome as I am not aware about linux or ubuntu terminologies.

My screen looks somewhat like this fellows screen:


I had tried the Nomodeset mentioned in the above link on my second installation after which my ubuntu started showing low graphics mode error and I had to reinstall again.

My laptop is using Mobile Intel GM965 express chipset. My laptop specifications are as per this link except that the RAM is 2.5 GB DDR2.

After about 5 more start and shut downs, here is what happens:

  1. boot logo screen does not appear and after a black screen, I am taken to the desktop

  2. I get a text screen called tty1. Since I don't know what to do in here, I have to long press the power button and try again

  3. The boot logo screen appears and starts flickering, then I am shown a Low-graphics mode screen and again I have to long-press the power button and start over again.

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