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I'm using my laptop as a wifi hotspot while it's connected to broadband over a usb stick. And it works perfectly, I connect my phone to the laptop hotspot without a problem. But my nexus 7 can't find the hotspot, it's just not detecting it.

What settings should I change so it could work? I've been searching for days but I can't find the solution...

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the only thing I have found googling was this app: and maybe go to advanced settings and disable hide poor connections. 3 people confirmed working, if not, I have no solutions. – Dr_Bunsen Oct 31 '12 at 8:27
Can we assume you are still running the Nexus 7 with Android 4.x ? (and not Ubuntu on Android) – david6 Oct 31 '12 at 10:24

Install dnsmasq-base first

sudo apt-get install dnsmasq-base

Click on the Network Manager icon at TOP right panel and select the Create New Wireless give your connection a name (you can even add encryption if you want.) Click on Create Choose security option as per your requirement. Now when you search for a WiFi connection on your WiFi device you would see the one you just created connect to it.

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