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My touchpad and keyboard freeze up on my newly installed Ubuntu 10.10. They remain frozen until you shut down manually. No keys work, cursor doesn't move - it's like a screenshot.

I was using Ubuntu 10.4 via wubi before on this Laptop where this problem never occurred. (I did not migrate wubi or upgrade to 10.10, it's a fresh start. 64-bit on Dell Studio, plenty of RAM, plenty of free space on partition etc., dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10)

I can't say there is a pattern yet, once it happened during the download of packages with the Update Manager, once it was just using Firefox, no other program running.

In between these crashes the laptop was booted once, updates were installed etc., firefox was used and there weren't any problems.

Both crashes should be in the attached kern.log and I noticed there were some error problems before the last crash (at the end, obviously). It seems the wireless was experiencing problems. This wasn't noticed on the user end, since the touchpad + keyboard were already frozen.


Something that seems to reoccur before the crash (in the kern.log):

Jan 13 09:18:29 buntekuh kernel: [   14.151640] ppdev: user-space parallel port driver
Jan 13 09:18:30 buntekuh kernel: [   14.834419] EXT4-fs (sda7): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=600
Jan 13 09:18:31 buntekuh kernel: [   15.830695] hda-intel: IRQ timing workaround is activated for card #1. Suggest a bigger bdl_pos_adj.
Jan 13 09:18:31 buntekuh kernel: [   16.366754] EXT4-fs (sda7): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=600
Jan 13 09:18:40 buntekuh kernel: [   24.536401] eth1: no IPv6 routers present

It seems there is a problem with one of the logical partitions, /dev/sda7 - this is the partition Ubuntu is installed on.

How can the freezes be fixed?

Edit: I have tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then Ctrl+Alt+F7 during the last freeze to switch away and back to the desktop, as suggested here. But there was no reaction, so I'm guessing the keyboard is pretty stiff, too.
Again, I had Firefox opened, this time Evolution was also in the mix.

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Check this out and let me know if it solves your problem:… –  Luis Alvarado Jan 10 '11 at 23:01
thanks for the idea, but it didn't. –  ancaleth Jan 13 '11 at 18:48
This question should instead be filed as a bug report, thanks! Instructions here. –  Jorge Castro Feb 5 '12 at 19:26

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If you have another computer on the network you could use it to find out what is still running by setting up sshd and logging in remotely.

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is there any other way to do this? –  ancaleth Jan 13 '11 at 18:49