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I'm having an issue with my Cisco PrecisionHD USB Camera. It is detected but does not show video (using "Cheese Webcam Booth"). Any ideas? (I'm a newbie with ubuntu)


  • Ubuntu 12.10 32bit
  • Dell Latitude E6400
  • Cisco PrecisionHD USB Camera (USB 2.0) connected directly into laptop (no docking station)


Using the command lsusb, I find the following device:

  • Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1f82:0001 TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera
  • '+ more devices like audio, finger swipe, Linux foundation 2.0, 1.1

So what now?
Thanks. MB

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Cheese webcam booth is not working at the moment. They said that they are trying to upgrade it. Try and use a different webcam viewer.

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