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I have Ubuntu with latest KDE on a Lenovo Z570 with Optimus.

I've installed drivers and bumblebee, both integrated and nVidia cards are working perfect (not the issue).

I have a RAT 9 Wirless mouse, which I tried to configure and this is the problem.

I needed to edit Xorg.conf in order to make it work. But apparently I did not have any file Xorg.conf in either /etc/X11 or /usr/share/X11. By the way, Xorg.conf or Xorg.conf.d? I've looked for both but I've found none.

So I created the folder Xorg.conf.d in /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.d/ and created the file 910-rat.conf, where I created the Section "InputClass" with the Identifier, Product, Button Mapping and everything. Saved, rebooted, got stuck.

Normal Boot:

After the boot logo (5 charging dots) I get the Black Screen. I tried Ctrl+Alt+F1, Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+Alt+F5, I've tried editing the startup parameters in Grub, with nomodeset instead of quiet splash, and the init=/bin/bash trick ... but to no avail.

Recovery mode:

Stuck at:

[2.315147] Freeing unused kernel memory
Loading, please wait...
[2.32...] udevd[108]:starting version 175
[2.35...] r8169 Gigabit Ethernet ...
...(some more pci and eth0)
[2.359..] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
[2.36...] pci ... PCI INT A -> GSI 16(level, low) ->IRQ 16
[2.370..] fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs EFO VGA - removing generic driver

and that's it...

I just found out drivers from nVidia are not recommended, I don't remember if I installed from nvidia or xswap...something repo, or both. But what do I do now? I would prefer not to reinstall Ubuntu, as my KDE setting took me like a week to set, and I don't know where they are stored, as I don't have a Xorg.conf file. Why don't I have it?

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