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The wireless connection I use at the university, eduroam, has been really annoying to use with Network manager. The connection cut off every now and then and sometimes came back right away but sometimes I had to wait for half an hour or restart the computer to get it back on. So I uninstalled nm and installed Wicd. And now with Wicd this eduroam network works flawlessly. However, I didn't realise that wicd doesn't support mobile broadband and that's the connection I'd use at home (and have been using with nm).

I have to say that some other wireless connections have worked with nm also, it's just this eduroam that doesn't. Configuring eduroam. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 on Acer Aspire 3103.

So I guess I need to go back to nm. I'm wondering if someone knows how to fix something on nm that it wouldn't keep cutting the connection off or if there's a way of using the mobile broadband without nm. I saw that these instructions but to be honest this seems to require more skill than I have and also I have already had a lot of difficulties with the mobile broadband on ubuntu and finally got it working so am a bit afraid to mess it up.

Sami Finland

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