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I'm just starting to try out XBMC (from the ubuntu repo) and noticed that it's using a lot of CPU when running fullscreen, even when I'm not playing a movie. There's a definite lag even on the home page with the scrolling footer.

I've toggled the option to use it in windowed mode and it seems to be a lot more responsive. The footer lag seems to be gone.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I would have thought that running fullscreen would have used less resources.

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For me, Compiz didn't play well with xbmc at all, that is why I made the following script to start XBMC:

metacity --replace &
sleep 2s
unity --replace &

It replaces compiz with metacity, and then starts xbmc. When xbmc exits, you get compiz back (there may be some flickering when compiz is restarting)

You can save the script as xbmc.bash and make it executable using

chmod +x xbmc.bash

Then start it! I hope this works for you!

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