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There are plans to remove bios from new computers. Is Natty prepared for this? Will it work when I buy a newer hardware or should I buy older pc?

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you can run any gnu/linux distro without bios(uefi that is) since 2001-2002.


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downvoted because OP wasn't asking about the kernel, but the installer. And as far as I know – scottl Jan 18 '11 at 8:00
The Natty installer uses BIOS emulation. The only way to actually boot using EFI requires a lot of work. Natty is not prepared for UEFI. – scottl Feb 6 '11 at 2:35

The current linux kernel available on Maverick was built with EFI support:

grep _EFI /boot/config-2.6.35-24-generic-pae 

If you are buying an PEW if possible please test drive it with a live cd, unless you do an exhaustive support check for each component there are some chances that something will not work as good as you would expect.

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Since Kernel 2.6.25 EFI is supported in all modern Linux distributions - this also includes 11.04 Natty. You could also have Coreboot with GRUB2 payload to boot without a BIOS.

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