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I'd like to change the background color of the purple plymouth boot splash to another color, how can I do this?

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It's pretty easy.

Open the file /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.script with an editor and change the following 2 lines that can be found to something like this

Window.SetBackgroundTopColor (0.0, 0.00, 0.0);     # Nice colour on top of the screen fading to
Window.SetBackgroundBottomColor (0.0, 0.00, 0.0);  # an equally nice colour on the bottom

save the file and run the following command.

sudo update-initramfs -u

The background of the boot splash should now be black instead of purple.

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awesome.. thank you. – tamale Nov 22 '11 at 17:02 was helpful for me to find the colour I wanted. Example: rgb(0, 159, 255), in percentage rgb(0%,62.4%,100%) means 0.0, 0.62, 1.0 for the ubuntu-logo.script. – Filbuntu Jun 21 '15 at 7:10
Note that in 16.04, the themes directory location changed to: /usr/share/plymouth/themes – Olivier May 17 at 11:14

ahhh heck, if you prefer to use a GUI then go with the plymouth manager app. It should be pretty strait forward and it lets you make a custom theme or pick one of the ones offered.

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