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I have a system which originally ran Ubuntu 12.04 (now 12.10) on the 'real' hardware. Due to a requirement to run Windows 7 and IE9 (watching streamed movies needed Silverlight with DRM) I installed this to a spare partition and then configured a VirtualBox VM to use the raw disk to boot the existing Ubuntu installation.

This mostly works, except that the network interfaces are, of course, totally different (RTL8169+Atheros9K vs. emulated Ne1000) which mean that the networking usually fails to start if I switch between booting in 'real' or virtual modes.

I've set up a script which fixes /etc/network/interfaces depending of whether te system is running as a VM or not, but it seems that udev also rewrites /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net-rules and (almost randomly) changes the devices names (eth0/eth1 and/or wlan0/wlan1).

So my question is how to set up the dependencies of startup script so I can rewrite any files needed before udev and/or network startup so that I get a clean network start either way?

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