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I beleive I have followed correct procedures to reset my password in recovery mode. However my new password is not accepted. I still cannot access my OS. It appears to have set a password for recovery mode, but not my main access.

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Have a look at our answer to the following question or link to our website to see if you have done everything right… - - hope it helps . :o) – Fernhill Linux Project Oct 29 '12 at 16:23
I personally prefer to boot from a live CD/DVD/USB and do a chroot then use passwd to change password. – Terry Wang Sep 17 '13 at 23:07

I was having the same problem with my password and I tried everyone's suggestions but none worked for me. So I tried some of my own and this is what worked for me... "Keep in mind I can NOT explain why it worked, all I know is it worked...

"10 Easy and Simple steps to Reset Lost or Forgotten Password"

  1. Reboot computer and hold the Left Shift Key down.

  2. Select boot into recovery mode.

  3. After a few seconds you should get the "Recovery Mode Options" screen.

    Note: (Here is the part I can't explain. After trying everything, and nothing working, I finally just started trying all the options here one at a time. When I tried the "grub Update grub boot loader" and then followed the rest of the steps all was well and password was reset.)

    So before going to the "root Drop to root shell promt"selection,

  4. Select "grub Update grub boot loader", and you should get this screen.

  5. Select "Yes". Wait for it to go through the update.

  6. Now select "root Drop to root shell prompt".

  7. Now you should be at a root terminal with something like the following: youracctname@yourcompname:~$. type passwd accountname ( acountname being the name of the account you are trying to change the password for ).

  8. Enter new Unix password: "enter the new password".

  9. Retype new Unix password: "retype the same password you did in Step-8".

  10. It should confirm successful password change. type exit at the prompt and reboot.

If this does not work for you, try skipping Steps 4 & 5...

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