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I was using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS smoothly and started forgetting MS-Windows. But recently I notice a upgrade notification of Ubuntu 12.10 in update Manager. I started upgrading. It took lot of time and after that machine re-booted and I got only a blue screen. I tried a lot to solve this problem but all of my effort was useless.

I uninstalled Ubuntu from windows Vista and then installed my original 12.04 again. Now, I just updated ubuntu instead of upgrade and then noticed my desktop icon are missing, right click not working on desktop and Libreoffice menus are not fully visible.

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Please provide screenshot , just upload screenshot to imgur and provide link :) – Tachyons Oct 29 '12 at 11:52
@asis: this post seems to include more then one "question" – krumpelstiltskin Nov 5 '12 at 16:42

Open up dconf-editor (you might have to install it beforehand) navigate to /org/gnome/desktop/background and check that show-desktop-icons is checked.

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