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I have ubuntu 12.04 (upgraded from 10.04) and since I disliked the default desktop, I installed lxde (sudo apt-get install lxde). This was good except that occasionally there would be trouble with Firefox (blinking on panel) so that finally I had to close it and then a error message from Ubuntu was issued. I had asked about it before but there was no useful response so now I want to move to another desktop which will hopefully not create the problem I have now. My doubt is, should I first uninstall lxde and then install kde (sudo apt-get install kde-standard) or is it enough to install kde without uninstalling lxde? In case it is necessary to uninstall, should I use the command sudo apt-get remove lxde or is there a better command for it?

You may also help me with choice of desktop. I installed lxde since this is simple and lightweight. I am assuming that kde will not be as simple but hopefully not create problem like above. But I hate if it takes too long to log in or to launch a program like Firefox etc and also there should not be icons fixed on the left part of terminal (I hate to keep icons on desktop since these are distracting). Some of these issues were present with default Ubuntu 12.04. So is my choice of kde-standard appropriate or are there better desktop alternatives?

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You should simply be able to install any other desktop you want, without breaking another one. Most login managers allow to switch between sessions (say desktop environments). If you have a login manager like GDM or the default Ubuntu one, your newly installed KDE will be available in the sessions menu immediately. For managers like SLIM you might would have to manually edit a configuration file.

KDE sure isn't as lightweight as LXDE. If you are looking for other lightweight Desktops, you could go for XFCE or - I believe - Enlightment. Otherwise - if you are more into configuration of your own system - you can switch to a window manager like fluxbox, openbox, awesome, xmonad et cetera.

If you hate icons on your desktop and are using Nautilus to handle the desktop (like Unity and Gnome Shell do) you can unset it, so that you will never see icons on your desktop again.

The speed of launching programs does not have too much to do with your running environment though. Don't expect a huge performance boost in that aspect if you are running another one. Instead it might just be firefox that is slow and bloated with addons or similar.

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