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I'm using kubuntu 12.04. My network gets disconnected after some random time of usage, usually withing 10 mins. The network manager shows I'm still connected. nm-tool still gives ip address, dns and gateway. While I'm connected i can ping the gateway, the dns and other computers on the network. But after some time I cannot ping the gateway or the dns. I can still ping other computers on the network though. They are using some "Active Directory thingy" to authenticate for wifi. My fellow window users seem to have no problem whatsoever. If I disconnect and try to reconnect, the authentication process hangs at "setting network address". However, if I disable wireless and enable wireless again, it connects happily and everything works fine until another 5-7 mins. my wifi driver is brcmsmac

some info from nm-tool :

address:         {network address}.102
Prefix:          24 (
Gateway:         {network address}.1  - no ping reply

DNS:             {network address}.5  - no ping reply
DNS:             {network address}.6  - no ping reply

someone else's ip : {network address}.112 - i can still ping this and others too.

I'm not sure if there might be some setting on their active directory setup which may not be linux friendly, ( but if it was so, it shouldn't have connected the very first time). Asking them wouldn't help, they won't help me with linux.

So guys, please help.

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