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I have been trying to get a computer sorted for my dad to backup all his floppy disks. I have been able to get the drive recognised but each time I click on the icon it says it is unable to mount as no media detected.

I have tried using the following terminal command:

udisks --mount /dev/fd

this displays the following message

device file /dev/fd is not a block device: resource temporarily unavailable

any ideas how to fix it?

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I had this problem recently on Lubuntu 12.04, and published this guide on my website.

I have included the relevant information below, hopefully it should work for you on 10.04.

How to Mount & Access Floppy Discs Using Ubuntu

  • First open a terminal and use the command gksudo gedit /etc/group

  • Then find the floppy group and add your username next to it, then
    save the file.

  • Next open your Package Manager and install fdutils.
    This can also be done from a terminal using sudo apt-get install fdutils.

  • Then open a terminal and use the command udisks --mount /dev/fd0 to mount the floppy.

  • Then open your file manager & navigate to /media/floppy0 to read or write files on the floppy disc.

  • When you have finished using the floppy use the command udisks --unmount /dev/fd0 to unmount the floppy.

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