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Well i am new to linux, but i have a little problem. My green audio jack died and i only have a blue and a pink audio jack wich both work under windows. The pink jack works but I don't how to get the sound trough the blue jack. I've tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu. None of them has worked.

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You may be able to reconfigure things using the HDA Analyzer : ; the interface is a bit raw, but I was able to use this tool to successfully diagnose a fault in the HDA codec drivers.

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Thanks will try that out as soon as i can. – mohammed Oct 28 '12 at 21:29

sudo alsamixer

I think M=mute/unmute
< > keys = mute/unmute right left.
You wanna unmute the jack in question.

there also may be a "Headphone" button* you select.

Best to just mess around in the alsamixer

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