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I need advice to help me with a server install, I'm new to ubuntu and linux in general. I have 6 systems in my house, 5 being windows 7 and this laptop that I am typing on is Linux mint 13 Maya.

Question is, my wife will not transition to anything. She is stuck in Gates-land. so, can I make a server with ubuntu 12.04 (burnt disc image last night) so that all systems in my home can access and my mother-in-law in another state can also access with a username?

That would be awesome and it may convince the war dept (my wife) to change all the systems in my house to ubuntu/linux. Sorry this is so long winded, but all the questions I have seen on this forum don't answer it completely.

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It's not a forum, it's a Q&A site :). And if your question is "can I do this", the answer is "yes". But I suppose you wish some more information, but if you don't ask the question, it's hard to answer it :). – Nanne Oct 28 '12 at 16:28 LOL. Seriously, should I just follow the setup steps on ubuntu site? How would I edit/admin stuff once the server is up and running? I should also report that I am new to BOTH forum and Q&A sites. Sorry for any confusion. No one in this area knows anything about what I need. (geographically speaking) – dustin mantei Oct 28 '12 at 16:39
Unfortunately, we don't know what you need either. What do you want this "server" to do? Please be specific, and avoid buzzwords and jargon as much as possible. Talk about things you want to accomplish in plain english like you're explaining it to somebody who doesn't really know anything about computers - that way we can address what you want rather than tripping up over things that aren't necessarily relevant. – Jim Salter Nov 26 '12 at 3:33

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