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I use dual boot win7/ubuntu 12.10. When I turn off wireless from win7(fn+f8), then wireless is not working in Ubuntu. If i leave wireless turned on in win7 then, after restart, wireless works in ubuntu 12.10. Same thing happens for bluetooth. It is apparent that the BCM4313 wireless is not supported correctly in ubuntu.

With rfkill list I can see that wireless is hard blocked and rfkill unblock all has no effect.

What should I do to resolve the issue?

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Use the search, LOTS of BCM4313 topics here. Also check out the broadcom tag. Can't remember where or how, but I resolved the same issue about a week ago. Will refer to the askubuntu answer if I manage to find it. –  beanaroo Oct 28 '12 at 11:28
possible duplicate of Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers –  Fabby yesterday

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