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I can Install most windows games but I can't install star wars battlefront on my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop computer.

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Star Wars Battlefront 1 can sometimes work on wine, but often there are problems or glitches with the graphics, so it depends on your particular setup and version of wine as to if or how well it will run. It may well be available on Steam in the near future, but that is just surmise.

Nevertheless, so we can get an answer for this question, here's how I installed it on Ubuntu 12.04, which was largely a similar process to that very briefly mentioned on the information page at WineHQ.

I usually recommend using a fresh WINEPREFIX for every new application installed with wine, as that very often eliminates problems that using the default ~/.wine folder with everything can cause.

Note: Playonlinux can be used to install it as well, but here's how I did it manually. If you don't fancy all the barrage of terminal commands below, you can use playonlinux to install, but see my important note further below about securom errors.

1) Locate your legal copy of the game and its 3 cds (you will need the CD key as well) and place the first disk in the drive and make sure it mounts correctly.

2) Create your new WINEPREFIX with:

WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.battlefront1 winecfg

This will make the wine configuration window come up, and before you dismiss it, check the drive letter that the battlefront CD has been symlinked to (usually D:).

2) Start the install (assuming the wine drive is D:):

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.battlefront1 wine "D:/GameData/setup.exe"

(You can of course export the WINEPREFIX environmental variable to your environment, but for clarity I will specify it each time here with env.)

3) Enter the CD key and let the installer begin. When you swap disks, wait for the next disk to mount before you click continue. When you get the confirmation screen that it has installed, do not launch it yet.

4) Download the official Lucasarts patch and install it:

wget ""
env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.battlefront1 wine "Z:/home/mike/Battlefront1_2_Eng.exe"

The drive letter referring to the local filesystem should be Z: and the command assumes the file is in your home folder.

5) Now, if you try to run the program it will hang or give you an error about securom, as wine doesn't support securom. The only way to get around this is to use a no-cd 'patched' executable that supports version 1.2 English (or your language).

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, I cannot provide any download links for patched executables.

6) After all that is sorted out you may want to tweak some graphic settings with winetricks:

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.battlefront1 winetricks

It is tricky to specify what settings to alter, but often those to do with pixel shading and multisampling need to be off, but you may need to tweak other ones and experiment a little.

7) Finally, run the game with:

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.battlefront1 wine "C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/Battlefront.exe"

You must always run it from the Gamedata folder and never with the launcher.

It is difficult to say how well it will run on other systems, and often there are regressions in wine so it may be difficult to run at all, so keep an eye on the WineHQ page. This guide might be useful for you for this game, or to use as a model for installing other games as well using wine.

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