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I have some packages in a PPA and, now, have created a group PPA. Is there a way to put in a redirect such that anyone installing package foo from ppa:jrhacker/ppa can be redirected to ppa:initech/ppa but package bar from ppa:jrhacker/ppa is left alone?

I don't particularly care if the redirect is an error message telling them the correct migration path. As I see it, I have two options:

  1. Always copy the packages from initech/ppa back to jrhacker/ppa.
  2. Create a dummy package in jrhacker/ppa that, when it runs, spits out an error message with the installation instructions when the program is invoked.

I'd like something a bit more elegant than either of these two. Thanks.

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No, not really.

The dummy package would work. As would deleting foo from the PPA, so that nobody can install the old version. Then change the description of the PPA to point the user at the new PPA.

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