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In Ubuntu 12.10, by default, the minimize speed had been kept considerably slow in order to let users know where the window has minimized to...

but all of a sudden i noticed that now the speed is as normal as earlier versions! has there been an update that again increased this speed?

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The animation doesn't actually change according to the minimize-speed-threshold. Even when you change its value from 100 to 0, the animation is still normal like what you encountered, @Nirmik. What I observe though is that if the minimize-speed-threshold is set to 100 (which is the default), and the minimize-count is set to 0 (also the default), the animation is slow just like when we first run 12.10 after upgrading/installing it.

Now, the animation will actually get faster every time you minimize a window, since the minimize-count will increase, and the larger it is the faster the animation. The increase in value of minimize-count will stop up to the value of the minimize-speed-threshold.

If you click on the minimize-count, you will see a description that says:

This is used to adjust the animation speed by making it progressively faster the more it is used.

For Slow Animation, I suggest to set up the following:

minimize-count = 0
minimize-fast-duration = 1000
minimize-slow-duration = 1000
minimize-speed-threshold = 0

For Faster Animation, I suggest to lower down the value of minimize-fast-duration and the minimize-slow-duration.

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Amazingly awesome answer! Thanx! heres a +100 bounty for the excellent explaination! – Nirmik Nov 3 '12 at 9:25
And Canonical and ubuntu team...amazing logic! I loved it! the more you use,the more you are used to it and thus the speed can be increased! awesome thinking! – Nirmik Nov 3 '12 at 9:26
...ill be allowed to grant the bounty after 23hrs...ill do it then and there ;) – Nirmik Nov 3 '12 at 9:27
I'm glad that helps you @Nirmik. One thing though, after restarting my computer, the minimize animation speed will get to normal from slow. And when checking it to the dconf-editor, the settings are the same, but you need to retype the values for the animation speed to take effect again. I don't know if you notice this. But that happened to me. – Al-Ahmadgaid Asaad Nov 3 '12 at 12:17

Yes. According to OMG! Ubuntu!, the minimize animation has been made slower. They offer a solution as to how to restore old behavior, too:

The tool we need to use to ‘edit’ the speed is called ‘dconf-editor‘ and can be be installed as part of the dconf-tools package.

When installed launch it from the Dash by searching “dconf”

When the Dconf-window opens expand the following sections of the sidebar:

com > canonical

then click on (but don’t expand) the ‘unity’ entry.

Select the following line in the main section of the window:


Double-click on the value field (the number) to edit it.

Change the value from ’100′ to ’0′.

Changes take effect immediately.

I don't know why the animations seem to be back to normal... Maybe the animations reset themselves after the user has learned where apps go? Lemme know if your minimize-speed-threshold is somehow at zero; I'm curious.

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its still 100 but the animation is still faster than before! – Nirmik Oct 30 '12 at 18:26

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