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Possible Duplicate:
How do I install Ubuntu?

1 Saved download file (ISO) to USB stick but it doesn't do anything other than want to creat a DVD.

2 Saved the file to hard drive but it cannot be read by windows.

Is there a way to download the working program directly to the USB Stick?

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Are you trying to install Ubuntu? – hexafraction Oct 26 '12 at 19:26

I assume you are trying to install Ubuntu on Windows. In that case, you may not even need a USB stick. Download the ISO file and don't do anything with it. Make sure it has the exact same file name. Then, download Wubi and run the downloaded file. Follow all instructions and reboot when requested. Every time you start your computer, you will be asked to choose between Ubuntu and Windows®.

You can also download Unetbootin and run that, pointing it to the ISO file you downloaded.

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yes first install lili or LinuxLive USB Creator. then you create live or boot-able pen drive. Now you can run the OS directly to the USB stick.

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