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I have a new Vizio Ultrabook that came with Windows 7. I develop Rails applications, and it's a pain to do that in windows, so I setup a Xubuntu VM with 1GB ram and 2 CPU cores. I basically keep the VM open all the time and have enough memory not to worry. Sometimes I pause the VM.

For the first few days, everything was fine. The fourth day, Xubuntu froze up while running a test (with Guard and RSpec). I didn't think much of it and restarted the VM and went on my way.

The freezes started becoming more frequent, though. I don't think they are only when I run a test, but often they are. It'll happen quickly, too. Startup VM, save file, test runs, it freezes, all within 5 minutes.

Of note: the VM is using a shared folder from Windows (where the code is). This may be the problem.

Any other people experience something like this?

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You don't mention how much RAM the notebook has - make sure you aren't starving the Host OS. Also, yes I'd say having the code in a shared folder being accessed from the Host would be likely to cause an issue, especially as Ruby is an interpreted language. It would obviously perform better if you copied your code into the VM itself, but I can't say for sure that this is your issue. –  Jayson Rowe May 2 '13 at 16:37
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