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When I head to Online Accounts and try to add Facebook, it asks me to enter username and password, then save the device by giving it a name, but then the blue circle spins around for a second or two then I get a blank page and Facebook isn't being added.

It was working before I removed it, so I'm not sure what's happening.

Anyone got an idea of what I can do?

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Go to facebook and check for the application asking permissions – Uri Herrera Oct 26 '12 at 19:12
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I was dealing with the same problem and foud the solution miself ;)

  1. You need to go to privacy settings on your facebook account, at Ads, Apps and Websites ->Edit Settings->Apps you Use->Edit Settings and Remove Ubuntu
  2. go to System Settings and add again the facebook Online Account

and it will work

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in facebook go to App Center-->My Apps and remove Ubuntu. now add your facebook online account.. it will work :) :)

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