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I have installed ubuntu 12.10, so could you please say me how to connect to internet (wired and wireless) or else is I need to install any drivers. In parallel I have windows 8 so is it possible to share internet from the windows or else i need to install a separate driver for ubuntu??

Please say me that is it there any possibilities to change from windows to ubuntu without restarting the PC?

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Is your internet currently not working? because most often it works just out of the box... And for switching you do need to restart, except if you would use virtualbox –  Gerhard Burger Oct 26 '12 at 9:54

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You don't need any drivers to do it. Just click on the NETWORKicon on top right. Click EDIT. and in that, go to DSL tab for wired and Mobile Broadband for wireless. Click On NEW in both provide details and , you will be able to connect.

You can also access Windows partitions by going in Places.

In dual boot System , Both systems are different, You can boot only one system at a time in machine. Same thing you can do like internet access with Ubuntu as you do it with windows and without installing any driver for it.

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