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Short story... Finally convinced a client to give Ubuntu a try, and converted one of his Windows 7 machines over today. Immediately, when I got to the log-in screen, all four printers on the network "woke-up," and initialized themselves!?

All (appear) to be Epsons, and all are running on the WiFi network.

Thinking it was a "fluke," I moved-on, and when I plugged a USB stick into the Ubuntu box, the same thing happened... All four printers woke-up, and initialized themselves!!

Next, thinking that maybe it was a bug related to the fact that I hadn't installed a print driver yet, I did that... It prints just fine, but the problem remains... Whenever any USB device is connected to the Ubuntu box, all of the wireless printers "wake-up" and initialize!

Now, to make things even worse... This Ubuntu box is on a KVM switch, and naturally, every time I switch it, its USBs are connected/disconnected, the printers begin their dance, the business owner is getting ticked (one of these printers sits on his desk), and I'm afraid he may just ditch my little "experiment" with Ubuntu if I don't get this solved.

I've Googled, and searched here, and can't seem to find anyone reporting anything similar, and I'm positive it's not my imagination!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

EDIT - I should add that this Ubuntu box is running on the same WiFi network, but then again, most of the Windows 7 machines are, too, and this problem is unique to Ubuntu.

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