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Unity doesn’t load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

I just recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop and am keeping windows 7 as a back up for when I get stuck like now..... After I installed Ubuntu I got on line and was reading about some of the things to do after Installing for the first time. One of them was looking for additional drivers witch I did and found two display drivers. Both drivers were from Ubuntu. However after install and a reboot I can't see any of my menu bars.....no app bar on the side.....no bar at the top of the display...nothing. I did have a file on the desktop that I was able to open. And I just learned that ctrl+alt+T gets me a form of command prompt. this worked but I don't know how to use it. How do I get my menu bars back?? is there a way to uninstall the drivers? I am really new to Ubuntu and like it so far but am having problems getting over the learning curve.

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Look at the accepted answer in the comment on your original question--that may be your only issue. It's worth a shot.

My initial guess was that the new Unity backend is having issues with those drivers. From what I understand they may still have some things to work out (as you have seen!). If you just want to uninstall those drivers, pull up a command prompt (in Linux, and *NIX in general, it's usually called a "shell") and type:


and press Enter. That should get you into the Software Center and allow you to revert the updates. When you're done, issue the command

sudo reboot

at the shell prompt. It may ask for your password; you won't see it as you type it.

Hopefully, you should be back in business!

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