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Since updating 12.04 to 12.10, the Grub Customizer now takes over 5 minutes to appear on screen after clicking on icon. I have tried reinstalling it. Any other suggestions as 5 minutes+ seems far too long to wait.

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My Grub Customizer was working normally on my 64bit 12.10, previously. Now though after a few un-related updates, it changed to the 5 minutes later behaviour - as above.

So with a bit of lateral thinking I decided to delve into the BIOS.

I had recently updated the BIOS to fit a PCIe x16 graphics card. This had in turn removed the MAIN section option which DISABLES the Legacy Floppy Drive!

So the delay is due to a fruitless search for the non-existent floppy drive.

Change your BIOS Legacy Floppy Drive Option to DISABLE

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