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I'm following this guide to create a debdiff for a package I'm patching. Everything goes fine until step number 8 and I attempt to create the debdiff after committing the changes. The package in question is Zim, pulled form Launchpad using

bzr branch lp:zim

and according to this guide I should execute the following command to create the debdiff:

debdiff zim_0.49.dsc zim_0.49ubuntu1.dsc > zim_0.49ubuntu1.debdiff

however, when I actually try to execute this command, I get the following error:

debdiff: fatal error at line 314:
Can't read file: zim_0.49.dsc

Upon inspection of the directory in which the files created from debuild -S (step 6) are deposited, I find


but no sign of zim_0.49.dsc. I could probably create one by debuilding the package as soon as I check out the code, before starting work, but that would add an extraneous entry in the changelog.

Is there a step missing from the guide that creates zim_0.49.dsc or is the file itself missing from the source?

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First, if you are using bzr, then there is no need to muck about with debdiff. Just commit your change, then push to a personal branch on lp and propose that it be merged.

If you really want a debdiff, then you need the previous version of the package to diff against. Fetch it with apt-get source.

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