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Is there a command which returns the ppa which was used to install a certain package? Some command that searches a package in the ppa's.

I know that I could find this info out by looking into synaptic manager, and analysing the package info.

But I would like a command for that.

I use 12.04

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apt-cache policy <package-name>

enter image description here

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thx. exactly what I was looking for. – bioShark Oct 25 '12 at 19:55

I normally use the following command.

apt-cache policy <package-name>

For example if I want to know the ppa info for winusb I run the following.

apt-cache policy winusb

enter image description here


Super User

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The two commands I use to get info about a package are


apt-cache policy <package name>


apt-cache show <package name>

The second command is more detailed and I use it a lot.

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