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Can I do the dual graphic (use two same monitor, the monitor 1 is next to monitor 2, monitor 1 use the graphic card, monitor 2 the mainboard graphic) on Ubuntu? What driver I should install to do the dual graphic?

Mainboard graphic: HD2500 (from Intel Core i5-3450)
Graphic card: ATi Radeon HD 4850

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At least in my case, no you can't.

First, using multiple different vendor graphics cards, while theoretically possible, is riddled with problems.
This part has been asked before, but I can't seem to put my hands on the question

Second, most of the time on-board graphics is disabled when the motherboard detects a secondary video card inserted.

Third, even if it were possible you would run in to similar issues to what vga_switcheroo, bumblebee, and ironhide all try to address.

While they are a little different since they address hybrid graphics cards, I would imagine there would be similar problems.

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