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I am running 12.04 LTS and the screen flickers like hell once I sign and even at the grub boot menu.

I have an NVidia 7300GT card and 24" HP LCD monitor [ model LP2465 ] I have tried every trick I know from installing different drivers to editing grub to editing xorg.conf at no avail. The other thing is my monitor always displays as " Unknown " and " CRT " instead of "HP" and " LCD " although I get the correct 1920x1200 resolution

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot in advance

P.S. : I have searched literally tens of articles and forums. None offered a solution that worked

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Just in case someone runs into the same issue. I changed the video card and that resolved the issue. That same VC worked like a charm on a Windows machine and on a Ubuntu 8.04 machine. –  Mark Nov 11 '12 at 7:33
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