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I need to use ubuntu for a class project but don't want to have it installed on my computer. I was told I could burn it to a disc and run it from there. How do I do that?

I put the windows installer on the disc already but when I go to download ubuntu from that program, it asks me to make a password and user name and the only option it gives for location is my C:\ drive. (i'm using windows7) and my disc drive is D:\.

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What you want is called Ubuntu Live CD, you can see a description on the official ubuntu site. Just follow that guide and you're all set.

To create a LiveCd

Download Ubuntu. For a live CD, avoid the "alternate CD" & the Server Edition because it has no desktop. For installing, using the alternate CD is a good idea, if installing using the standard CD does not work.

Make your own CD. Cheap "write once" CDs in packs of 10 or more are usually best. You could burn a new CD once every 6 months to get the latest version but all version are supported for 18 months and long time support releases for 3 years. You could also use the remaining CDs for trying out other distros Having a quick demo of other distros can help you understand Linux in general a LOT better a LOT faster, which helps you understand Ubuntu better.

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Ubuntu can no longer be put on CD, but must be burnt to a DVD. You can download the Ubuntu Image from

Once downloaded, follow these instructions from Microsoft on how to burn the image to DVD.


  1. Insert a recordable CD, DVD, or Blu‑ray Disc into your disc burner.

  2. Open Computer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Computer.

  3. In Windows Explorer, find the disc image file, and then double-click it.

  4. If you have more than one disc burner, from the Disc burner list in Windows Disc Image Burner, click the burner that you want to use.

  5. (Optional) If you want to verify that the disc image was burned correctly to the disc, select the Verify disc after burning check box.

  6. If the integrity of disc image file is critical (for example, the disc image file contains a firmware update), you should select this check box.

  7. Click Burn to burn the disc.

Once you've made the disc, put it in your DVD drive and restart your computer. If a startup menu comes up, select "Try Ubuntu Without Installing on Your Computer" to run as a Live Disc.

Note older Ubuntu versions (before 12.10) may be burnt to a CD

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